Michael Walker

Yuli Scheidt

WordPress, jQuery, UX

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A minimalist portfolio site

Yuli is one of my colleagues at Kindred. Her old site was hacked so we collaborated to build this from scratch. Yuli provided the layout and visual style and let me focus on the way users interact with the site.

This project was lots of fun because I got to flex some user experience (UX) design muscles to display Yuli’s portfolio. The page layout is simple but it can display a huge amount of content. I contributed to the UX design by creating the page so that it can load multiple sets of images without ever needing a full page reload. With some custom scripts, the page lets users click a menu item on the left to see a new set of images on the right.

As a bonus, it’s all built onto WordPress with Advanced Custom Fields, so Yuli can add new sets of images without touching the code.


Working with Mike on my personal site was a lot of fun. When I handed off the design files I knew they were in capable hands, and what I got back was even more perfect with Mike adding little elements of flare that I can't imagine the site not having now.

— Yuli Scheidt